5/10 Pairs 3D Mink Lashes Natural Eyelashes Dramatic False Eyelashes


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5/10Pairs 3D Mink Lashes Natural Eyelashes Dramatic False Eyelashes Faux Cils Makeup Wholesale Fake Eyelash Extension maquiagem


①It can be easily removed from the tape.
②The shape remains the original state for more than one year.
③Provide the most innovative and popular styles.
④Sturdy packaging can avoid damage during transportation.
⑤We are a manufacturer, we provide fast service at the best price.
⑥High-quality after-sales service, honest sellers, guarantee the interests of customers.
We have a variety of false eyelashes styles for you to choose from to fully meet your needs. Since the lashes are handmade, there will be a little variation between batches, which is normal. If you have any questions, please leave us a message in time, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution
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Item: 5 or 10 pairs of 3D mink false eyelashes.
Features: 3D, natural, fluffy, handmade, cross, can be reused.
Colour: Black
Type: Full striped eyelashes
Package content: 5 or 10 pairs/box

Natural Eyelashes Dramatic



10pair-3D-108, 10pair-3D-110, 10Pairs-3D101, 10Pairs-3D102, 10Pairs-3D106, 10Pairs-3D109, 10Pairs-3D112, 10Pairs-3D113, 10Pairs-3D115, 10Pairs-3D116, 10Pairs-3D117, 10Pairs-3D120, 10Pairs-3D123, 10Pairs-3D124, 10Pairs-3D125, 10Pairs-3D126, 10Pairs-3D128, 10Pairs-3D131, 10Pairs-3D134, 10Pairs-3D136, 10Pairs-3D148, 10Pairs-3D61, 10Pairs-AY20, 10Pairs-AY21, 10Pairs-AY25, 10Pairs-AY27, 10Pairs-Y1, 10Pairs-Y10, 10Pairs-Y14, 10Pairs-Y16, 10Pairs-Y17, 10Pairs-Y2, 10Pairs-Y4, 10Pairs-Y7, 10Pairs-Y8, 10Pairs-Y9, 5Pairs-3D06, 5Pairs-3D141, 5Pairs-3D142, 5Pairs-3D16, 5Pairs-3D48


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